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What My Clients Are Saying

I've had alot of therapist when I was younger, but honestly none of them come close to LaTisha. She's incredibly easy to talk to, always advocating for you, seeking to understand your point of view, and honestly makes the process of therapy an easier endeavor. I 100% recommend LaTisha to anyone whose looking for a therapist!

LaTisha's exuberant personality was very successful in breaking through the shell of my teen.  She was able to gain my teen's trust and really get to the heart of what needed to be worked on. During our family therapy sessions she guided us and helped us communicate more effectively.  I now have a teen that can communicate his needs and fears in an effective way.   I would highly recommend her therapy services, she is a 5 star therapist.

Our son's struggles with addiction and mental illness were causing our whole family to suffer. We tried a number of therapists and programs with little success.  When we started to think that there was no hope, LaTisha saved us.  She guided us each step as she stretched us outside of our comfort zones and into growth and healing. She helped us better understand one another and provided us with the tools to learn how to communicate effectively. We will forever be grateful that LaTisha helped restore our family.

When I first met LaTisha, it was very difficult for me to open up to a complete stranger about the multitude of issues that I had going on at the time. However, her open-mindedness and welcoming attitude allowed me to open up at my own pace. Together, we were able to set specific goals week-by-week. 
LaTisha has challenged me to look at my circumstances from different perspectives and really understand why I feel so strongly about certain things more than others. I feel as if LaTisha would agree with me that my growth has been incredible within this past year and I truly could not have done it without her!

In family therapy with LaTisha, I finally felt like I'm being heard and understood. LaTisha has an array of methods she uses depending on your individual needs, such as a communication flash card to assist in the skill set of relaying conversations in an effective manner. She has the capability to be genuinely sensitive to my current mental state.  Overall, LaTisha is very well rounded in her ability to listen, in her problem solving process with her diverse toolbox of techniques, and her authentic ability to provide the emotional support I required at any given time.

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